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Takey (Magnet Keyholder)

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Magnet Keyholder


It is a magnetic key holder using on switch and door.


  • Size : 180(w) x 130(l)
  • Valchromat(gray) , brich plywood , neodymium magnet , corkboard


Always you can miss take key, but you don’t worry about it. Just with takey
If you’re always losing your keys, it’s simply because you don’t have an ideal place to keep them. The cool new Takey is a stylish wooden key and letter holder that magically holds up keys with no visible means of support. The illusion is created by two powerful internal magnets embedded in the wood. Just place your metal keys up against it and they stick tight. It not only holds two sets of keys, It not only holds two sets of key, the corkboard also uses the wall as a picture&memo holder too

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